No Diving for 2 days!

My wallet is now a plastic bag with a double zip-lock.....

What happens when you arm an entire country with water pistols and buckets of water? Well I'm not quite sure yet I know I am going to get wet, duh James. Other than that my highest expectation for the Thai water festival is nothing less than William Golding's opinions on what will happen with no adult supervision; remember lord of the flies? Went to the shops before to find some lunch and a zip lock bag. Its not supposed to start till tonight but I guess you arm the entire drunken tourist population and a bunch of locals in preparation on a hot day... I should have expected some preemptive strikes.

Well I was right its chaos, people are bombing you with water if you are on a bike, walking in nice clothes, sitting in a bar, lets just say Songkran does not discriminate. Some how I feel its more meant for the kids than the drunken tourists, its entertaining when the children chase you with water pistols but its a little on the seedy side when there are a bunch of drunken tourists mobbing you from the side streets. All said and done on a hot day its hard not to get caught up in it. If you sit in a bar you they give you a plastic bag to cover your beer the waitresses join in the fun attacking passers buy and customers a like. Total insanity!

If I thought I got wet last night well today was worse.... anarchy rules the day, kinda fun walking around, absolutely no need to buy a water pistol. There is always someone with a bucket so I just turn the weapon back on its user, kinda poetic justice. Kids get a free shot anyone with a bucket especially ice water then fair game was the way I saw it :) Also occasionally someone will plaster you with some kind of menthol powder mixed with water it stings slightly and goes on like spack filler.... Well got wet had fun, enough said.


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