For counting the total number of dives its generally accepted you don't log anything less the 6meters for 20minutes. Today I had a dive like that. We started in the morning doing some more theory, yawn! Yeah I know its important, that doesn't mean I can get through it without a little caffeine. Starting to get used to the dive tables again which I have not used for a few years since I bought a dive computer; They are a little tricky if you don't use them often.

After that Vig and I head out for a mapping project, we have to make a map of a dive site so we head out hoping to find points of interest and visual markers to start to make a map of the site. There is a bit of a swell coming in and though its nothing compared to the surf I am used to in Australia it doesn't make getting in with all the dive clobber easier, with just Vig and no beginners we have no problems today though.

Once we are out past the break and have a quick chat about our mapping plan we descend, there is really no visibility. The waves have stirred things up and if I look back I can just make out my own fins! We start to head out but after about five minutes Vig indicates that visibility is bad, lets go up. I sort of want to continue and see how we go but Vig wins the sign language argument but concedes to my point that we swim back under water for a bit rather than surfacing right away, its easier to swim under water. Sue me I'm lazy!

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