A very long skill session in the pool with Renee to get my skill demonstrations signed off, Vig and I are in the pool for about 5 hours doing skill after skill. Renee is not the hard task master the Giel is but he does focus on things that he sees are crucial and I can say I was not marked unfairly. I even managed to get a few five out of fives for the skills I had practiced more. Some of the skills I had not seen were mostly minor and I was able to demonstrate all with a passing grade at least. The last few skills Vig and I had a bit of trouble with as he was out of air and my alternate regulator had busted an o-ring demonstrating no air buddy breathing when you are both on empty tanks is a little tricky. Somehow we managed to pull it off.

There is a rescue course going on today in the pool and I am asked to act the victim which I play the panicked drowning victim. Atri the rescue student comes to my rescue and pulls me in, I really thrash around a bit to give him the same experience I had in my rescue course.

People who have done a rescue course will tell you it as the best course they did, fun etc. Truth is its tiring, non-stop but at the end of the day rewarding. Probably when people say fun they mean fun to watch!


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