Search and recovery diving for the course had to search for a pot of gold and use a lift bag to return it to the surface. We did not find it so Giel made a make shift one from his weights on his belt, to move things along. As we came up to his makeshift pot of gold he started pointing at his ass! This was perplexing to me, I could see he wanted something but was not sure what... Vig was also confused.

The look in Giel's eyes said it all, you could see the word idiots tattooed into the whites of his eyes. Vig finally figured out he was pointing at his weight belt not his rear end and extra weights were exchanged. Found the real pot of gold finally when we were ascending, Hooray!

Giel recons the object of our search had been moved by some joker, I want to stand by my navigation skills so I will not argue the point!

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