Leading a dive


Something interesting today, diving with Vig off the beach but no instructors or Dive masters, just two certified divers. This is something I did not do before, eben though I am certified for a long time usually I have dived with a dive company and followed someone. Vig has a lot more dives under his belt than me but we are both comfortable and kick out from the beach before going down. Casually we swim around the reef, I probably pay a little too much attention to my compass when I could just be following the reef out. Regardless its a nice dive and we find a few interesting things. A cuttlefish for one which Vig had not seen before and my favorite a Harlequin Sweet Lips (Disco Fish) kind of a orange a white spotted small fish with a bit of a disco wiggle to its movement.

With my over zealous compass work we have a nice 45minute dive and I manage to find my way back to about 20meters from where we started from, can't really miss the beach but I am please none the less!

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