Deep dive today, started with preparations of a descent line and drop line & some knot tying. Learned  some of these knots as a boy scout a lot forgotten already!

In the briefing Giel adds a lvl of complexity to the ok sign; He is to give an OK + 1 for example and at depth we are to return his signal + 1 so OK 1 returns OK 2, OK 3 returns OK 4 and so on. When at the bottom around 38 meters Giel gives the signs and I would have sworn black and blue that he gave me the signal OK 2-3 so I returned OK 4-5. After seeing this he starts signaling again as he thinks I might have Nitrogen narcosis. After a few more symbols he seems happy enough that we can continue. If I think back I think I was a little narked, putting my thumb and forefinger together for the OK symbol felt a little tricky, like I had to think to put them together and they were slow and clumsy to respond. Interestingly its not like being drunk you don't feel it coming and you don't realise when it arrives. Or maybe just like the 1st time I drank screwdrivers on a booze cruise? Didn't see that coming either!

Nitrogen Narcosis Definition for non divers:

giel wevers
10/05/2012 4:56am

ow so the nitrogen made u not only see double buttttt also think double whahahahahahahahahahahahah

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