Sat the final exam, and did some dive site management the last piece of practical I had to do. Damn multiple choice I answered a few stupidly, mixed up Halderan with Henry and Giel rubbed this question in by making me buy a bottle of coke and explaining decompression sickness again, didn't even drink the damn coke; that's the annoying part!

Giel then proclaimed "OK buddy your a Dive Master." from his mouth it means more than the certificate(insert tears here). Strangely as these things go I feel no different. Relatively speaking I know almost nothing about diving; In the scheme of things my one hundred and thirty dives really add up to very little experience. If Giel is Yoda I am a tall Luke Skywalker leaving Dagobah with not enough training. Have a lot to learn still.

12/05/2012 2:20pm

Congrats. And yes, that means a lot coming from Giel!

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