Fish Window


A three-dive day today, the hardened professionals are not to enthusiastic about extra diving. I just want to dive!

As instructed I have been preparing my dive briefing the night before for the dive site Koh Doc Mai or flower Island. Mostly prepared, but I pester the boss with a few questions about the dive site, current which way should we go etc. My greeting to the questions, “We’ll have a look when we get there.” OK OK I guess I should just chill out.

 We are dropped to the north of the small island and head anti-clockwise around the wall, navigation wise this dive is not too difficult. Just follow the wall around with the island on the left. I am leading this dive with Giel following me again not to much warning about this!(His philosophy on this is a kind of sink or swim theory if I am thinking too much before the dive I would probably pepper him with questions and over think the whole process).

My young friend from yesterday is diving well again but was feeling a bit sick before the dive so I remind myself to keep an eye on him. His certified depth limit is 21 meters & Giel reminds me we do not have to go that deep. We follow the wall round slowly looking stuff. The mother has a little challenge with her buoyancy and I help her to adjust she was deflating instead of inflating as we went down and found she could not get off the bottom. We pump the BCD a little and I remind her with hand signals breath in go up breath out go down. Then we continue and she is pretty good with her buoyancy after that.

As the dive progresses we slowly ascend following the sweeping underwater cliff around, towards the end of the dive I get the signal from My Junior advanced dive buddy that he is feeling not well in the stomach. We are getting close to the surface time to end the dive anyway. I indicate a safety stop and we hover at five meters for three minutes and surface under an SMB at the southern tip of the island.

Don’t want to talk too much about the next two dives Sean was just feeling sick maybe a little food poisoning and did not dive for the rest of the day. So unlucky King Cruiser a passenger ferry that sunk here is a beautiful dive site I am limited to a shallow dive max 20m  but the top part of this wreck is gorgeous and the visibility is great I just dive with the one lady and Giel stays on the boat(Yes on my own!). We follow the mooring line down and and swim around the top of the wreck surrounded by schools of fusiliers. One image is stuck in my head, swimming slowly through a school of fish they suddenly part forming a fish wondow outlining a huge black and white striped lion fish on the top of the wreck. Really I need to get a camera and a housing! Enough about this dive you have to see this for yourself.

The last dive shark point I am on my own again leading Sean’s mother another great dive, we descend and zigzag around the pinnacle slowly ascending and turning back when we round the point and find strong current.

I think the less warning theory of Giel’s is not too bad, better just do it. Safely back on the boat two more successfully lead dives!


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