Diving with Candy, a discover scuba diver and a scuba diver. Scuba diver I did not mention before it is someone who did not complete the whole open water course but was able to dive and show the skills.

Our scuba diver is pretty confident and already quite good just has a tendancy to swim up a bit and has not perfected his buoyancy. The French lady doing Discover scuba diving  is not comfortable at all, Candy is holding her through the whole diver. Still a nice dive along the wall of Phi Phi Bida Nok. I am leading but not leading with Candy as she is moving ahead the whole time. I will learn why on the next dive.

Dive number two Candy is leading while I help the French Girl,  as we start diving I try to encourage her to relax but she does not stop kicking the whole time. This is why Candy was surging ahead in the last dive. I have to control buoyancy and direction for both of us the whole dive. I tried to let her swim a little on her own but she does not have the lvl of skill to control herself. Its still a nice dive, we really find a lot. Swimming octopus, moray eel, mantis shrimp, and a turtle! The only drawback is I have to stay switched on the whole dive controlling our buoyancy.

Practiced my non-existent french skills today, "je ma pal James." my effort earned me a smile from a pretty girl and a death stare from her boy friend. Seriously I am not like dive instructor Adonys or anything. Anyway it wasn't just me. The guy was like a helicopter hovering around her he never left  a one meter circumference. OK non diving related, but the mating habits of both fish and people are equally interesting!

More skills practice, all I am going to say is that I need to practice this more, its easy to miss small things. I am breaking the habit’s formed over a hundred dives.

My fencing coach Simon once told me you need to do something 100 times to learn it properly, to unlearn relearn you need to do it a thousand times. (Yes Simon I did listen sometimes!)

One dive from the beach mapping again with Vig, all I want to say is trying to make a map is hard. The question should I use all the tools available to me? I am thinking I can probably see the outline of the reef from Google earth. Easier than counting kick cycles and taking bearings on a compass, Cheating?